Summer PEBT

August 15, 2022 | by information

Each eligible child will receive a payment of $391 to cover both June and July. The payment will be issued in two installments, one for $195 and a second for $196.

Benefits for the Summer P-EBT program are expected to be issued beginning in late summer and into the autumn months as schools and school districts submit eligibility information to DCFS. Most students will not receive benefits right away. Students who received benefits for May 2022 will receive benefits immediately on their current P-EBT card as their eligibility for the summer program has already been verified.

How can Parents request a new card?

If the child's original card has been lost, stolen or damaged, a new one can be requested through the P-EBT Parent Portal, by calling the EBT customer service line at 1-888-997-117 or through the LifeInCheck mobile app. Parents should verify their address is correct in the Parent Portal before requesting a new card.

Find more information about P-EBT and the use of P-EBT benefits on the DCFS P-EBT website at www.pebt-la-org.