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Stephen Lee

August 20, 2021 | by


My name is Stephen Lee, and this is my second year at Sci High as an ECS Teacher. I have a background in philosophy, political science, and cyber security, and I enjoy bringing my experience into the classroom. As someone who was homeschooled, I am a product of a non-conventional highschool education. This places me in a unique position to modify lessons to our students' capabilities.

My brother has an intellectual disability, so I'm accustomed to working with exceptional individuals. While enrolled at Loyola University, I spent summers as Special Education Camp Counselor in Georgia, and in 2016 I became a part-time paraprofessional. I attended graduate school in Geneva Switzerland and, after graduation, I became a long-term sub at Sci High teaching English. I have enjoyed my past two years at Sci High in my current role, and I'm looking forward to this school year.


  • Color: Red
  • Food: Doubles (from Trinidad)
  • Book: Midnight by Sista Soulja
  • Subject: Political Psychology
  • Hobbies: Movies, cooking, traveling
  • Sports: Football, Soccer
  • Team: The Saints