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Job Description 2023-24


New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School is an open-admission public charter school that prepares all students for college admissions and successful careers. Sci High provides a rigorous high school curriculum with an emphasis in science and in a supportive environment of learning and respect that prepares students to make informed choices about post-secondary pursuits.

Position Overview: To provide school-based mental health services, assessment, consultation, and interventi6ons to improve students’ mental, emotional, and social health. Duties also include connecting at-risk youth with helpful resources and conducting home visits to provide additional support.


Macro (School Community) Practice

o Serve as an active participant on the Health and Wellness Team by collaborating with other school staff including the principal, school nurse, counselor, teacher and other academic professionals to form a comprehensive, integrated plan to maximize academic performance.

o Take a primary role in prevention methods on a school-wide level to promote change utilizing positive behavior supports.

o Provide Tier 1 behavioral intervention suggestions/trainings to students and/or school staff

o Provide crisis plans and crisis intervention services

o Initiate and/or assist with programs to prevent truancy and drop-out

o Initiate and/or assist with programs to provide education, prevention, and intervention of substance abuse

o Coordinate universal screening procedures for early identification of mental health and/or behavioral needs.

o Provide school-based programs to engage parents in the educational process of their child

o Provide training/professional development for school personnel based upon the needs of the school

o Disseminate information on school social work services and the resulting data that indicates the benefits and results of such services to the school community

o Collaborate with community agencies and providers to ensure students and families have access to and knowledge of those services.


o One on one or group counseling

o Teacher and parent consultation and education regarding social-emotional needs of students

o Provision of evidence-based interventions for use by parents and/or teachers with students

o Referral of students and families to appropriate services outside of the school setting as indicated

o Conduct suicide and violence assessments

o Report suspected child abuse

o Responsible for collecting, tracking and compiling data for analysis for referred

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students. o Maintain confidential files in a locked file cabinet.

o Documents treatment and maintains records required to enable billing for services.

Evaluation/Special Education

School social workers provide assessment and other services to students referred for a Louisiana Bulletin 1508 evaluation. These services consist of, but are not limited to:

o Psychosocial assessment

o Adaptive behavior assessment

o Functional behavior assessment

o Requests for medical history

o Other assessments as deemed necessary

o Meeting with team members, parents, and others (as needed) to determine results of evaluation

o Attendance at initial IEP as needed

School social workers can coordinate RTI Tier 2 and Tier 3 services as part of the evaluation process.


o Assist students and families gain access to and effectively use formal and informal community resources

o Assist students and families in advocating for themselves

o Identify areas of need not being address by the LEA or the community and create services to address those needs

o Be informed about legislation, regulations, and policies that affect school social work practice

o Actively work to create legislation, regulations, and policies that positively affect all students

Cultural Competence

o Demonstrate self-awareness, knowledge and practice consistent with the NASW Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice

o Develop specialized knowledge and understanding about client groups served and culturally appropriate resources

o Advocate for a positive school climate that respects differences

o Use evidence-based practices that reflect an understanding of the role of culture in the helping process

o Recognize and attempt to remove barriers to academic progress relating to cultural issues

Data-Based Decision-Making and Accountability

o Conforms to the NASW Code of Ethics and Standards for School Social Work Practice

o Maintains accurate case records and documentation through Louisiana Department of Education provided database.

o Maintains current knowledge of federal and state laws addressing persons with disabilities, child welfare, mental health, confidentiality, and student and parent rights and abides by these

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laws. o Organizes time and workload to meet responsibilities

o Evaluates own practice and maintains documentation of effectiveness of services to be shared with districts, schools, staff, parents, students, community and the profession.

o Participates in appropriate professional development to increase knowledge and skills

Staff, Community, and Family Collaboration

o Facilitate an understanding of factors in the home, school, and community that affect students’ educational experiences

o Provide training for parents, school personnel, other professionals, and community members in the removal of barriers to learning

o Provide leadership and collaboration in the implementation of school-based and school-linked programs that promote student well-being and positive academic outcomes

 Performs other duties as assigned.


 Master’s degree in Social Work and current licensure as a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Louisiana. Those licensed at the LMSW level must meet all requirements in the Social Work Practice Act to be in pursuit of the LCSW within agreed upon timelines.

 Three years of work experience in the field of Social Work; 2 years experience working with at-risk students in a school setting preferred;

 Strong written and verbal communication skills;

 Computer skills including word processing, internet usage, spreadsheets and databases;

 Knowledge of community stakeholders involved in this initiative;

 Qualified School Social Work Certification through the Louisiana Department of Education (preferred.)