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Orientations Week Q & A

July 30, 2021 | by

Below are questions and answers that were submitted by families pertaining to orientation week.

Q: Are students required to wear uniforms for orientation?
A: Yes, students are expected to wear the entire uniform during orientation sessions.
Q: Can I purchase uniforms at the school?
A: No, school uniforms can be purchased at Porree's Embroidery and Skobel's School Uniforms.
Q: Why does it start so early?
A: The orientation starts at 7:30 am because it is an opportunity for all of our students to get back into the habit of arriving for the start of the school day.
Q: What if I can't remember my powerschool password.
A: You can get the powerschool password from your homeroom teacher when school begins.
Q: Are we going to take new ID pictures?
A: Yes.
Q: Do parents attend with students?
A: No, this orientation is specifically for our students.
Q: Will transportation be provided?
A: Yes, transportation routes will be shared via email and on the school's website when it is available.
Q: Is there an Alumni Orientation?
A: We didn't think about that but we should. Let us get back to you.
Q: Can parents go to the orientation?
A: No. We plant to have parents for Back to School Night on Thursday, August 26th.
Q: Can the students wear crocs?
A: No, please review the student handbook to see the types of shoes are allowed on campus.
Q: Why do we have to wear uniforms?
A: We need students to be dressed in their uniform for ID pictures.
Q: Is the orientation multiple days long or just one day for each grade?
A: There is only one day for each grade.
Q: Will we get our schedule at orientation?
A: Students will receive a copy of their Fall schedule at orientation and will receive another copy on the first day of school. Students should be sure to double-check the schedule they receive on the first day of school in case any changes have been made.