Joris Lindhout

August 16, 2021 | by


Digital Photography Teacher

Office Hours: 11:25am - 1:00pm


My name is Joris Lindhout, and I was born in the Netherlands. I came to New Orleans in 2010 to work for a creative exchange program between Amsterdam and New Orleans. I ended up falling in love and starting a family here. Although I went to college in the Netherlands as well, I received my MFA from Tulane University. After that, I worked at Tulane as an Adjunct Professor in Digital Media for a while before coming to SciHigh. I currently teach Digital Photography, a course that focuses on getting an industry-based credential in Adobe Photoshop. I love the overlap between tech and art, and it always amazes me how young people find ways to express their creativity with the tools I hand them.


  • Color: Green
  • Food: Anything spicy
  • Book: Mexican Gothic
  • Subject: Weird Fiction
  • Hobbies: Bikepacking, traveling, swimming in the ocean, cruising on my skateboard, cooking