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In memoriam of Dr. Colby "Skip" Dempsey

August 2, 2022 | by information

Pictured Left to Right: Dr. Paul Guth, Matthew Causey, Barbara McPhee, and the late Dr. Colby "Skip" Dempsey at Sci High's 25th Gala.

Tuesday afternoon, one of the Sci High founders, Dr. Colby "Skip" Dempsey, passed away.

Dr. Dempsey, along with Drs. Paul Guth and Matthew Causey were the creative inspiration for the N.O. Charter Science and Math High School. He retired from Tulane University after a long and illustrious career in teaching and doing pioneering research. Dr. Dempsey's dedication to the youth of our community was evident when he conceptualized a school for any students with a genuine interest in science and mathematics.

He believed that students with a broad range of scholastic aptitudes could master science and mathematics concepts and information at a high level given the proper culture, faculty, and school leader. Thirty years later, Sci High continues to bear the fruit of that vision. As we approach this school year let us be reminded of Dr. Dempsey's beliefs for the young people we serve and his dedication to Sci High, the Greater New Orleans area, and beyond.