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Fall Festival & Homecoming

December 18, 2021 | by information

By S. Blouin

Spirit week is underway at Sci High. After Decades Day, the senior class is in the point lead for the spirit competition. To cap spirit week off, homecoming will be on Friday, featuring a pep rally at Fall Fest and a homecoming dance on Saturday. This will be our first official homecoming in the new building and is a big milestone for the school and student council. Many are doing everything they can to make this spirit week, Fall Fest, and homecoming perfect.

The remaining days for spirit week this week are sports day, twin/squad day, character day, and class spirit day. There are volleyball games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week to look forward to. Friday’s game is considered the homecoming game. The pep rally before the game on Friday will consist of a battle between grades where the spirit stick will be passed.

Fall Fest will also be very enjoyable. There will be numerous activities and good food aplenty.

“The planning for Fall Fest is going really good. We are getting things we think people will like and also trying to accommodate everyone’s needs, ” said A. Harrison, Junior Representative. Student council is working very hard and diligently to make sure we have a great experience for spirit week.

Don’t forget that spirit week also features a very fun competition. For each person that comes dressed in the appropriate theme each day, their class will earn points. If their homeroom teacher dresses up as well, they will receive more points. There will also be different competitions at Fall Fest where students will compete and earn points for their class. At the end of the week, the points will be tallied up and there will be a winner announced.

All in all, this should be a very fun week and a very exciting time for Sci High.