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SET UP & REMOVAL: Setting up the venue and ensure a smooth removal process post-event::
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Chamber Chat - 12/13

December 13, 2020 | by

Dear Sci High Families,

I hope this message finds you doing well. As you may have heard, last week, NOLA Public Schools hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new building which will be the new home of Sci High. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a limited number of attendees were allowed. Though I wish we could have celebrated this milestone together with the fanfare deserves, know that there will be a GRAND celebration with ALL of our students and families once it is safe to do so.

We are currently packing and planning to move to the new building during Winter Break, and anticipate our students joining us there in January (based on COVID status at the time). As we are planning for the return, we need you to complete the family survey (link below) regarding returning in-person and transportation needs.

Here are a few other important announcements:

Spring Semester Survey - please complete the following survey regarding returning to school in person and transportation needs.
Details regarding the Spring semester school schedule will be sent separately. Survey Link

Fall LEAP 2025 State Testing: LEAP 2025 testing will be held this week. Monday, December 14 - Wednesday, December 16. All parents and students who are required to take the LEAP2025 test this week have been notified. Not all students are required to take the test this semester. If your student is taking the test, please make sure that they get to bed early the night before and arrive on time to school to begin testing on time. Please encourage your student to do their best, as the state is not providing waivers for the test this school year and these tests are required for graduation.

Transportation for LEAP 2025: Families should have received the bus schedule for testing days. Please make sure you check the transportation schedule that you were sent, or refer to the schedule on the school website, as changes may have been made since the last time your student was a passenger on the school bus. The bus company recommends that students arrive at their stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled bus arrival, and must be visible to the bus driver.

Well, that's all for now. Remember, we must all remain vigilant about our individual choices at this time -- avoid large gatherings, wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and stay home if you're not feeling well. Doing so will contribute to the collective health and safety of our school community and will determine whether we are able to return to in-person learning in January.

Be safe!