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9th Grade Academy Updates

October 19, 2020 | by

9th Grade Academy begins this Friday, October 23, 2020. It is mandatory for 9th graders at risk of failing any course; parents will need to complete the 'opt-out' form if the student will not attend.

General Information

  • All 9th graders will report to campus from 8:00 am - 11:00 am on Fridays.
  • This is mandatory for 9th graders at risk of failing any course; families will need to complete an “opt-out” form if they choose for their student not to attend.
  • Transportation will be provided. Families should have received a survey regarding transportation needs. Please respond as soon as possible.

Safety Precautions

  • Students must be in school uniform and must wear a mask.
  • There will be a maximum 8-10 students per assigned room.
  • COVID-19 safety guidelines will be in practice, including temperature checks at the door.


  • Transportation Route
  • Stuents should arrive to the stop
  • Please note that the West Bank transportation is a van service opposed to a yellow school bus.


All freshmen attending 9th Grade Academy, will be allowed to wear their Spirit shirts, appropriate bottoms, and shoes OR Sci High uniforms, if they have them. Students will be given ID cards on Friday, October 23 and students will be required to wear ID's when attending 9th Grade Academy.

Students are required to wear the school uniform and must wear a mask.

East Bank

  • Poree's Embroidery
  • 3401 Tulane Avenue

West Bank

  • Poree's Embroidery
  • 3603 MacArthur Boulevard
  • Skobel's School Uniforms
  • 1742 Stumpf Boulevard


  • Skobel's School Uniforms
  • 3001 Clearview Parkway

Reminders for 9th-Grade Academy Students

    • *Bring a Water Bottle, Cup, or Bottled Water (students may not use water fountains unless they are using a cup or filling a water bottle)
    • Bring Your Laptop
    • Wear your school uniform or school spirit shirt and School ID
    • If you do not have a school uniform or school spirit shirt; you must wear a student ID and clothing must be appropriate (no rips in clothing, no revealing clothing, no explicit images or words, shoes must cover the entire foot)
  • Report to school at 7:40 am
  • Wear a mask at all times in the school building, classrooms, and on the school grounds
  • Pick up breakfast from the cafeteria
  • Report to your designated classroom space
  • You may not wander around the school building; If you need to use the restroom, you must use the restroom that is located on your designated floor
  • Cellphones should not be used during the instructional time period. We must maximize learning.
  • Only 1 person may occupy the restroom at a time; if there is a line, you must stand 6 feet apart
  • Log in to your HOMEROOM Google Classroom at 8:00 am to complete your Attendance Check-In Form
  • After completing your Google Classroom homeroom Check-in form, log-in to your remaining classes via Google Classroom to view all of your assignments for the day.
  • Complete assignments in classes where you have a D/F first, then complete the assignments for your remaining classes.
  • At dismissal, when your group is called, report to the cafeteria to pick up your lunch, proceed out of the front doors of the school building, and immediately board your bus or car. If you are waiting for a ride, please stand at least 6-feet from others while you are waiting for your ride to arrive.
  • If you need more assistance with your assignments when you leave 9th-Grade Academy for the day, log-in to your study hall between 12-3 pm for more assistance (if needed)
  • All of your assignments for each of your classes must be submitted on Friday by 3 pm. This will count towards your attendance in each of your classes for the day.