COVID Testing

January 27, 2023

by information

If your student was not signed up last semester for weekly COVID PCR testing. Now is a good time to start. Students must be signed up 24 hours before the test date. Our test day is every Tuesday. Students who receive 10 tests from Jan-May will receive a $100 gift card. Please see the LINK below:

There are home COVID tests that can be picked up in the clinic. The expiration date has been extended to 4/20/23 so far. If the student has a consent form for the clinic at school, the student can receive a COVID antigen test. PCR tests are no longer available at the School-Based Health Center at Sci High at this time.

PCR testing in the community: UMC 504-962-6202 call for an appointment (COVID PCR/FLU/RSV combination test).

Walgreens or CVS see their websites (must >2 yrs old)

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