academic guidance

Sci High provides a wide array of academic supports, including extra reading and math classes, test prep classes, and extended academic days for teacher-led data-driven tutoring for students in all grades. The Academic Guidance Advisors provide students with information on ACT preparation, scheduling, graduation requirements and pathways, financial aid, as well as college & career guidance, with a dedicated counselor for each grade level.

Grade Classification Policy


Grade classification requirements must be met in terms of credits earned in accordance with the Pupil Progression Plan.

 Grade Level Total Credits Earned  Courses Completed
Freshman 0-5.5 credits N/a
Sophomore 6-11.5 credits Earned at least 2 of the following credits: English I, Algebra I, World Geography, Environmental Science (other core academic requirements may be substituted)
Junior 12-17.5 credits Earned at least 6 of the following credits: English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, World Geography, World History, Physical Science, Chemistry (other core academic requirements may be substituted)
Senior 18 or more credits Earned at least 10 of the following credits: English I, English II, English III, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, World Geography, World History, US History, Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology  (other core academic requirements may be substituted)

For incoming freshmen in 2017-2018 and beyond, students must meet the assessment requirements below to earn a diploma. Students must pass one test at the end of the course in each of the following categories:

  1. English I or English II
  2. Algebra I or Geometry
  3. Biology or US History
ENGLISH = 4 Units

1 Unit

English I

1 Unit

English II

1 Unit

English III 

1 Unit  from the following:

English IV

or AP English Literature 

SCIENCE = 4 Units

1 Unit

Biology I

1 Unit

Chemistry I

2 Units from the following:

Physical Science

Environmental Science


Anatomy & Physiology

ART = 2 Units

2 Units from the following:

Digital Photography

Digital Media I

HEALTH = .5 Unit

.5 Unit from the following:



MATH = 4 Units

1 Unit

Algebra I

1 Unit


1 Unit

Algebra II 

1 Unit

Probability & Statistics



1 Unit

U.S. History 

1 Unit


2 Units from the following:

World Geography

African American History




2 Units from the following:

Spanish I

Spanish II


3 Units from the following:

See concentration table for lists of electives

*Note: These are the minimum requirements of the State. Sci High reserves the right to require additional courses.

carer and college admissions preparation

act prep course

In preparation for their post-secondary pursuits, are prepared for college admissions and successful careers during their junior year.

fall college fair

Every fall our school hosts a college fair for students and familie to attend. This fair features college reprenatives from across the gulf-south region and afar.

fsa id/fasfa workshops

To prepare our students to better prepare for college admissions our advisors host a FAS ID/FASFA workshop for eligible students each school year.

Next Level NOLA

NextLevel NOLA offers our students the opportunity to earn college credit while developing skills to position them for long term success.

YouthForce Launch

Sci High students participate in YouthForce NOLA's Launch, a program developed to aid students in taking a gap year after high school.