Transportation Update

October 2, 2022

by information

Sci High’s new transportation provider is working diligently to solve all concerns regarding transporting students to and from school. Please, continue to be patient as our new provider, JJ Julien Transportation works towards providing more efficient and effective rides for our students. As shared in the previous message, families should refer to the following items listed and contact information regarding school-provided transportation:

  • Review updated transportation schedules on the school’s website.
  • Arrive at the pickup stop 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. The bus may be running ahead of schedule or a little behind schedule.
  • Contact dispatch only when necessary as the new provider has one dispatcher.
    • Be mindful that phone lines may become busy if there is an issue with transportation. Please be patient in these times and continue to call dispatch until you can get through.

Provider: JJ Julien Transportation

Dispatch: 504-381-5867

Office: 504-381-4384, 504-354-9041

Thank you for your patience as we worked to find a new transportation provider.

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