In addition to Clubs and after-school activities, Advisory is a regularly scheduled period of time when teachers meet with small groups of students for the purpose of promoting social, emotional and academic development. It is used to ensure that at least one adult in the school is getting to know each student well, making sure the student's learning needs are being met, and encouraging them to make good academic choices and a plan for their future. Advisories are generally mixed gender with 15-17 students that often travel together from grade to grade.

What We Believe:

As members of the Sci High community, we believe that:

  1. ALL students can learn and prepare themselves for college admissions and success as productive members of society.
  2. ALL stakeholders – staff, teachers, students and parents – must agree that quality education is their shared responsibility.
  3. ALL stakeholders must be committed to high quality standards and expectations – of themselves and each other.
  4. Learning is a process of continuous improvement for ALL stakeholders.
  5. Effective collaboration and communication are essential to the success of our school.
  6. Diversity enriches our school community.
  7. A safe, supportive learning environment is critical to our students’ achievement.
How We Define Success:

Students who graduate from Sci High will be well-grounded in the study of life sciences, physical sciences and mathematics, and be able to show mastery of all academic core content areas in line with college readiness. Just as important, Sci High students will lead and act with integrity and honesty in all pursuits. They will be self-disciplined and self-directed, and will work together for the support and growth of each individual in the school and greater community.


Principal's Message

Dear Sci High Students and Parents,

I am honored to have been selected to lead the New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School. I am thrilled to be joining the amazing Sci High family and look forward to getting to know you and learning the rich Nautili tradition.

N.O. Charter Science and Math High School: Over 70 faculty and staff, 500 students, 1000 parents, and 1 focus: To be GREAT. I look forward to sharing many “great” moments with the Sci High family this year. As the new Head of School, it is my mission to motivate, encourage, and drive each member of our school into a place of greatness.

This coming school year, we will work hard, together, to BE GREAT! Our journey to greatness includes making sure our students receive a well-rounded education with an emphasis on rigorous Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) courses. We will challenge you, students, to be your best, lead you on pathways to a rewarding career, and provide hands-on experiences from a remarkably dedicated group of teachers. Why? Because we want our students to be competitive, not only in our local community, but in the 21st century global community.

So let’s do this…let’s BE GREAT!!

Dr. Monique G. Cola
Head of School