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Admissions Overview

**Returning students should not fill out a OneApp application. Doing so will likely result in loss of the student's seat** 

There is a two step process in our admissions process:

1. Apply 
2. Enroll + Register



The steps to securing a spot for a NEW student at our open-enrollment charter are as follows:

1) APPLY: Fill out a OneApp application (the Main Round for the '19-'20 application ends February 22, 2019). If placed at Sci High, you will then receive a seat acceptance letter with registration instructions from EnrollNola.

2) ENROLL and REGISTER: Once you've been placed at Sci High by OneApp, you will receive an enrollcode with instructions on how to enroll and register (which you can also see below under the new student registration section)

Applications for NEW students for next year (2019-20) will be available online at the site starting on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Aplicaciones para alumnos NUEVOS para el año que viene (2019-20) estarán disponibles por internet en el sitio por empezar el lunes, 19 de Noviembre, 2018.

Đơn ghi danh học MỚI cho năm học tới (2019-20) sẽ có trên trang mạng, bắt đầu từ thứ hai, 19 tháng 11, 2018.


OneApp Timeline for the '19-'20 school year:
  • Main Round opens Nov 19, 2018
    Early Deadline: January 11, 2019
  • Main Round Closes: February 22, 2019
  • Notification Results available April 2019
OneApp Video:
For information on OneApp, call EnrollNola at 877-343-4773

New Student Registration

**Returning students should not fill out a OneApp application. Doing so will likely result in loss of the student's seat**

OneApp placement results will be made available by EnrollNola on the parent application portal. Seat acceptance is optional, but the only way to secure your seat is to register at the school by following the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Apply through OneApp.
  • Step 2: Enroll. Enroll. If placed at Sci High by OneApp as a NEW student, accept your seat by emailing and further instructions will be provided (also see Step 3: Registration).
  • Step 3: Register. Once you have confirmed your child's placement at Sci High, you will receive a confirmation email with the following link to complete your child's registration: Assistance with online registration is available, if needed. Upon receipt of Registration forms and all required enrollment documentation (listed), your child's registration will be complete and approved. 

Records and Proof of Residency:

  • Copy of student Birth Certificate
  • Copy of final report card
  • Copy of immunization records
  • Copy of available standardized test scores (MAP, LEAP, PARCC, PLAN, EXPLORE, EOC, Aspire, etc)
  • Copy of Driver's License of parent or legal representative
  • Official copy of student transcripts
  • Social Security Card
  • Copy of the updated Individualized Education Program (IEP), if applicable.
  • Individual Adaptation Plan (IAP or 504 Plan), if applicable.
  • Proof of legal custody if the guardians are not the biological parents of the child(ren).
  • Three proofs of residency Orleans Parish (i.e. Entergy, S & WB, a phone bill, proof of tax exemption, current lease, pay stub with address, official letter from Family Service Worker).

Even if you have accepted your seat in the OneApp portal, you will not be registered at Sci High without completing this enrollment procedure.

Over the late spring and fall, Sci High holds informational Welcome Sessions for new families, Academic Placement sessions, Parent Orientations, and Freshmen Transition Camp. See our school calendar for more information.

Continued Enrollment

**Returning students should not fill out a OneApp application. Doing so will likely result in loss of the student's seat** 

If it is your intention that your student return to Sci High, DO NOT submit a OneApp application. You will receive an enrollment verification form and your student will automatically remain on our school roster.

Please be aware that if you complete a One App and your child is assigned to another school you WILL NOT be able to change your mind and return to Sci High. One App requires you to list your preferred school(s) and frequently you don't get your first choice. Nothing is automatic. Do not make any assumptions that your student will be assigned to Sci High even if that is one of your selections.

Please caution your student. In previous years some have gone online and completed One App without their parent's knowledge. If this happens and your student is assigned to another school they will NOT be able to return to Sci High..

If you have questions contact Darlene Madison, Data Manager, at or (504) 324-7061

Si es su propósito que su alumno vuelve al Sci High NO COMPLETA una aplicación OneApp. Su alumno automáticamente va a permanecer en el listado de nuestra escuela.

Quisiera darle caución que si completa un One App y su hijo está asignado a una escuela diferente, NO PUEDE cambiar de mente y volver al Sci High. One App demanda que ustedes anotan su preferencia de escuela(s) y frecuentemente no consigue su primera preferencia. Nada es automático. Si completa el One App, no haga presunciones que su alumno va a estar asignado al Sci High aún si la pone como preferida.

¡Por favor, avisa a su alumno! En años pasados unos estudiantes han llenado un One App sin darse cuenta a las familias. Si esto ocurre y su alumno está asignado a una escuela diferente NO VAN A PODER A VOLVER AL SCI HIGH.

Con cualquier pregunta, por favor contacten a Darlene Madison, Data Manager, at or (504) 324-7061.

Nếu quý vị có ý cho con mình tiếp tục học tại trường Sci High thì ĐỪNG lên trang mạng để ghi danh. Con quý vị sẽ được tiếp tục ở trong danh sách nhà trường.

Tôi muốn cảnh báo quý vị rằng nếu quý vị hoàn tất đơn ghi danh OneAPP và con quý vị bị chỉ định tới trường khác thì quý vị sẽ KHÔNG có thể “thay đổi ý định” để trở lại trường Sci High. OneApp đòi hỏi quý vị liệt kê các trường mình muốn và phần nhiều là quý vị sẽ không đạt được sự chọn lựa đầu tiên. Không có gì là tự nhiên cả. Đừng nghĩ rằng con quý vị sẽ được chỉ định tới trường Sci High vì đó là sự chọn lựa đầu tiên.

Xin cảnh báo con quý vị. Trong vài năm qua có một số em đã tự ý lên trang mạng và hoàn tất đơn OneAPP mà phụ huynh không hề hay biết. Nếu điều này có sảy ra và con quý vị bị chỉ định đến một trường khác thì chúng SẼ KHÔNG có thể trở về trường Sci High.

Nếu quý vị có thắc mắc điều gì thì xin liên lạc với cô Darlene Madison, Data Manager, at or (504) 324-7061.

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