Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Many programs outside the classroom enrich students’ knowledge of and experience in the science, technology, math and engineering areas. Summer internships immerse students in actual workplaces, including scientific settings. Classes include real-world projects such as investigating axolotl genetics through breeding crosses in Biology and modelling flood risk in Environmental Science . Students participate in science fairs at Sci High and the Greater New Orleans Science & Engineering fair. Sci High students take part in educational extracurricular activities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) fields that include mentoring opportunities, job shadowing, and field trips. Special events throughout the school year, including a Lunch Series of mentoring meetings with members of American Medical Women's Association from Tulane University, and a variety of field trips to places like the Simulated Environment Teaching Hospital and NASA, expose Sci High students to diverse careers and majors, and help them develop their networking skills.

Science Research

At Sci High we help students to gain new knowledge and master core scientific concepts. We achieve this goal by fostering a sense of curiosity, exploring science in the real-world, and practicing problem-solving skills. Our courses are challenging, stimulating, collaborative, and fun. Students should be able to apply the principles of scientific research to their own areas of interest, and communicate their findings with others.

A Sci High tradition, all students are required to complete a science fair project every year as part of their science course. Students then compete at a school wide science fair held in the fall that is judged by local university faculty and students. The best then progress to the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair competition.

Students who participate in science competitions get valuable practice in communicating their work. Because independent research is personally driven, students can feel isolated in their work, or like no one understands the project they’ve spent so much time and effort on. By talking to other students and adults about their work they gain confidence. Students are inspired by the work of other students and can be motivated to continue their work or to explore new areas of research. Having a positive, caring and open environment can be an important first step towards a STEM career.

This year's Sciene Fair is November 5th 2020.


Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Career and Technical Education at our school empowers students through hands-on learning, specific skill-building, and a focus on careers. Through CTE, we aim to prepare Sci High students for the diverse futures that await them after graduation by supporting students in achieving Industry-Based Certifications (IBCs) that give them job-readiness straight out of high school.


  • Intro to Biomedical Sciences
  • Human Body Systems 
  • Intro to Computational Thinking
  • CNA+
  • Patient Care Technician+
  • Intro to Engineering Design
  • 3-D Modeling+
  • Civil Engineering+
  • Principles of Engineering*
  • Intro to Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • JavaScript Fundamentals+
  • Digital Media 1+
  • Digital Media 2+
  • Computer Applications+
  • Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship Business+
  • Makerspace+
  • NOTEP Electrical+
  • NOTEP Carpentry+

Rigorous Mathematics

Sci High ensure that students have a strong and rigorous foundation in mathematics that is both conceptual and real-world. Our students work with confidence to approach problem-solving in post-secondary or career opportunities. We aim to provide an exceptional educational experience in mathematics by providing scholars a learning culture that is engaging, rigorous and supportive that caters to each student's success.