Recommended Summer Reading

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Greetings Sci High students and families,

We hope that you are enjoying a very well-deserved and relaxing summer break! We would first like to take a second to say that we are so proud of you and all of the strides you have made this year! This year was unspeakably tough, but we came together and made it through every obstacle while continuing to grow through it all, just like the Chambered Nautilus that represents our school has been doing for thousands of years.

As Nautili, we are able to find our success through the guiding principles of our school pillars: Achievement, Integrity, Perseverance, Critical Thinking, and Leadership and Community. These principles inform every decision we make and help to propel us forward in school and life beyond it. As we look forward to what this next school year brings, we want to do all that we can to ensure you continue to grow as learners and to be successful in all of your academic pursuits. While we may or may not see you this summer, the best way that we can encourage you to continue to do this is through summer reading!

In order to continue your growth, we are challenging you to participate in the New Orleans Public Library Summer Fun Program for Summer Reading this year. Participation in Summer Reading is meant to help you to continue to explore new depths and follow your interests, while also having fun! There is no required number of books for you to read, and there are no assigned titles. We just want you to read what you like and do as much of it as you can!

Students who participate in Summer Reading will not only be eligible for incentives through the ELA and Media Center at Sci High but will also be eligible for prizes through the New Orleans Public Library by completing the following steps below.

To Participate

Complete this form for every book that you read this summer in order to be eligible for different incentives offered through the school.


  • Special Invitation Lunch during the month of September in the Media Center
  • Extra Credit in your ELA class for the first three books you read
  • Homework Extension Passes for the fourth through ninth books read
  • Book of your choice from a selected list for ten or more books read
Register for NOPL’s Summer Fun Program

Each time you fill out their achievement form found at the same link or complete a pattern in bingo from now until July 17th, you will be put in a drawing for different prizes!! Register Here

Happy Reading!!

Summer Reading Lists
9th Grade
  • A Lesson Before Dying
    • Ernest J. Gaines
  • The Joy Luck Club
    • Amy Tan
10th Grade
  • Hamilton
    • Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Things Fall Apart
    • Chinau Achebe
11th Grade
  • The Great Gatsby
    • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Warmth of Other Suns
    • Isabel Wilkerson
12th Grade
  • Hamlet
    • William Shakespeare
  • 1984
    • George Orwell

*NOTE: Students are encouraged to read the above-mentioned novels for enrichment purposes in preparation for grade-level unit texts to be discussed during the upcoming school year. These novel readings are “recommended” to encourage the habit and joy of reading. Students will not be scored on their participation with the above-listed summer reading activities. Enjoy your summer!

FOR ADDITIONAL SUMMER READING ACTIVITIES: Please check the website of the New Orleans Public Library at