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Click here for school supply lists and uniform information.


  • Please see below for general supply lists by grade level.
  • Students may need additional class-specific supplies at the request of their teachers.*
  • If you have any questions about supplies for classes, please e-mail your student's teachers directly using our Faculty Directory.

9th Grade
Seven notebooks (at least 3 must be composition notebooks)
Four 3-ring binders with dividers
Three folders
Loose leaf lined paper (used in multiple classes)
Graphing paper
Writing utensils (pencils, black or blue pens, red pens)
Earbuds (able to plug into computer)
Index cards
Latex-free erasers (the white ones)
Hand sanitizer
1 box of Kleenex
Recommended but not required: Colored pencils, highlighters
10th Grade

Two 1-inch binder with pockets

Two 2-inch binders

Two composition books

One 3-pronged folder

Loose leaf paper (college-ruled)

Binder dividers

1 kitchen item (no styrofoam please): one pack of cups, plates, plastic spoons, bowls, or paper towels.

1 pack of index cards

Pens and pencils

Recommended but not required: 1 scientific or graphing calculator

Greatly appreciated: hand sanitizer, tissues, paper towels for class use!

11th Grade

One 2 -3 inch binder

3 Notebooks

3 pocket folders

One 3-subject notebook (college ruled, with pockets to hold handouts)

3 manila folders



Pens (blue/black ink)

12th Grade

One 1-inch binder and dividers

One 1.5 inch binder and dividers

One 2-inch binder

3-4 colored pens



Loose leaf paper

* Class schedules vary; please check your student's specific schedule for their class list


Sci High uniforms are available at the following vendors.

Young Fashions
5700 Crowder
Phone orders: 1-800-824-4154
Online orders:

Poree's Embroidery and Apparel Company
3401 Tulane Ave


SHIRTS: Solid royal blue or white polo knit shirt with a collar and approved school logo.

PANTS/BELTS: Correctly sized khaki, non-cargo style pants OR school approved plaid pants. (NO SKIRTS, NO SHORTS, CARGO PANTS, LEGGINGS or JEGGINGS). Solid black, brown, or white belts may be worn with pants.

SHOES: Closed toe shoes of any color, flat shoes, with backs (Sneakers or dress shoes that cover the foot). NO shoes with spikes, NO boots (knee-high, calf or ankle), NO sandals, NO crocs slippers, NO SLIPPERS, NO Athletic Slippers or flip-flops.

OUTERWEAR: Gray, Royal or Black pull-over sweatshirt, pull-over V-neck sweater, buttoned-down Cardigan, Fleece, Jacket (all outerwear must have school approved LOGO). Non-uniform jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters may not be worn at any time on the school grounds.
On colder days, a coat may be worn outdoors. No coats are to be worn in the building or classroom. *Students will be required to remove all non-Sci High jackets, sweaters and coats when entering the school building and place them in their lockers. If a student is wearing or carrying non-Sci High outerwear in the building at any time, it will be confiscated and placed in the Student Services office. NO Blankets or Lab Coats may be worn as outerwear.*

UNDERSHIRTS: Long-sleeved undershirts must solid black, white, or gray undershirts and may be worn under school uniform shirts.

HEADWEAR: Bandanas, bandana headbands, head scarves, do-rags, shower caps, rollers, caps, hats, and hoodies MAY NOT be worn indoors at any time. Religious head coverings and African Hair Wraps that are solid blue, solid white, solid black, or solid gray may be worn. Sci High headbands and headbands that do not resemble bandana designs may be worn. Headphones MAY NOT be worn around the neck, in the ears, hanging from pockets or visible in any way from bell to bell. Visible headphones will be confiscated.